A time machine that brings your productions to the highest level ever. ProDJLink uses Pioneer's PRO DJ LINK protocol to generate time.

ProDJLink Software for PRO DJ LINK - Main Window

Easy to setup with an ethernet cable or a wireless connection

Laptop with ProDJLink Software connected to 2x Pioneer CDJ2000nxs2 white and a DJM900nxs2 white

The only thing you have to do is to connect your computer to the same ethernet network as the Pioneer CDJ's. Your computer will automatically participate in the same network.

Powerful control software there is no additional hardware required

Designed for precision up to 30 frames per second

ProDJLink is created for synchronizing your Pioneer DJ setup to all kinds of show effects. The software makes it easy to create perfectly timed shows for Rekordbox analysed tracks within minutes.

The generator of ProDJLink, syncs your show realtime

ProDJLink communicates with a Pioneer DJ setup and synchronizes with the time displayed on the players. The software sends out signals to other applications and devices to synchronize time and tempo. It can trigger video effects, pyro, lighting and all other you can think of that makes your show stunning.

clock 12 : 00 : 00 . 000

How does it work? Setup ProDJLink with Resolume, Ableton Link, grandMa and others.

ProDJLink supports a lot of outputs that could be used with many applications and devices. In the help section of the website there are interesting and informative articles about a tiny amount of those compatible applications and devices.

Compatible with ... MTC, LTC, MIDI clock and Ableton Link

ProDJLink is able to connect with the most industry standards for synchronizing shows. This includes synchronization with Ableton Link, Timecode, MIDI Clock and several other applications.

The new MIDI clock (Ableton Link)

Ableton Link is a widely used protocol for keeping the tempo and beat alignment of devices in time over a local network. The communication can even be used in combination with mobile Apps. On the Ableton Link help page you can find some of those Apps.

Ableton Link Logo

Time moving on (Timecode)

Timecode is a signal that sends out the exact time. ProDJLink generates several kinds of live timecode. The application supports two main types of timecode, linear timecode (LTC) and MIDI timecode (MTC).

Timecode Icon

The leader in tempo (MIDI clock)

The MIDI Beat Clock is the most supported method to synchronize tempo. ProDJLink is able to automatically share the tempo from the Pioneer master deck. The MIDI Beat Clock could also be used for internal routing to other software supporting MIDI.

Beat Clock Icon

ProDJLink worldwide front of house photos

Have a look at the amazing Front-Of-House photos from festivals and clubs running ProDJLink.

Front of house using ProDJLink in Lottum, The Netherlands
Lottum, The Netherlands
Front of house using ProDJLink in Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Front of house using ProDJLink in Costa Mesa, California
Costa Mesa, California
Front of house using ProDJLink in Leeds, United Kingdom
Leeds, United Kingdom
Front of house using ProDJLink in Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Front of house using ProDJLink in Vienna, Austria
Vienna, Austria
Front of house using ProDJLink in Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada
Front of house using ProDJLink in Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen, China

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Front of house photo
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