Release Notes

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We’re constantly working on improving ProDJLink in every way possible. The latest features, improvements and bug fixes can be found here!

Version 2.0.14

This release has a new window that displays the history of played tracks.

  • New A History window
  • New See how long tracks have been ON-AIR
  • New Manage tracks in the history list
  • New Public information about tracks and the DJ
  • Improved Support for CDJ 3000 firmware 3.00
  • Fixed Downloading metadata that kept loading
  • Fixed Reading timecode offsets from tracks with missing metadata

Version 2.0.13

This release has a new window to manage tracks in the set list.

  • New A Set List window
  • New Option to change timecode offsets per track
  • New Option to set a default timecode offset margin
  • Improved Support for CDJ firmware 2.02
  • Improved Support for XDJ-XZ metadata
  • Improved Windows framework changed to support Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • Improved macOS framework changed to support Apple silicon and Intel

Version 2.0.12

This release has the option to remotely load a track.

  • New Support for multiple languages [Chinese, Dutch, English]
  • New A DJ Link track browser
  • New Internet status information
  • Improved Timing for the CDJ 3000

Version 2.0.11

This release has support for 6 decks.

  • New Support for the CDJ 3000
  • New 3Band waveforms
  • New Option to scroll over 6 decks
  • Improved Performance for downloading metadata

Version 2.0.10

This release has the option to remotely start a deck.

  • New Remote starting and cueing of decks
  • New Remote changing the master and sync state
  • New Tempo tap with MIDI notes
  • New Automatic software updates
  • New Option to send crash logs to improve the software
  • New About window
  • Improved CPU usage is lower
  • Improved Support for native video card rendering with Metal and openGL
  • Improved Support for macOS Big Sur
  • Improved More details about the software activation and license
  • Fixed Loading of some Rekordbox analyze files
  • Fixed Rendering a second layer of MTC on another deck

Version 2.0.9

This release has implemented better timing for Nexus 2 players.

  • New Support for Nexus2 absolute timing
  • New Remote master updating when the master isn't verified on-air
  • New Reloading of metadata when it failed to load
  • Improved Metadata caching when loading tracks fast after each other

Version 2.0.8

This release makes it possible to select different network adapters.

  • New Option to select a network adapter for PRO DJ LINK
  • New Cue countdown for preview selections on Nexus 2 players
  • Improved Playback when scratching on a deck
  • Improved 64 bit support on Windows
  • Fixed Scaling on high DPI Windows displays

Version 2.0.7

This release makes it possible to preview waveforms from other decks than the master.

  • New Selectable waveform (master, deck 1, deck 2, deck 3, deck 4)
  • New Keyboard shortcuts to enable timecode generation and preview waveforms
  • Improved Playback improvement

Version 2.0.6

This release adds latency parameters for all the outputs.

  • New Preference for the default zoom of the big Waveform
  • New Latency calculations for all outputs
  • Improved Application font which is better compatible with Windows and macOS

Version 2.0.5

This release has improved the general performance of all the outputs.

  • New Preference for clock format (ms or fps)
  • New Preference for the waveform (color / white-blue)
  • Fixed LTC on the second audio channel on Windows
  • Fixed MTC messages on Windows

Version 2.0.4

This release has support for MIDI timecode and has a new window to set preferences you like.

  • New Added two separate MTC generators
  • New Extra window to change preferences
  • New Preferences for Ableton Link (Display peers, enable or disable Ableton Link, configure latency)
  • New Preferences for MIDI clock (Output device, enable or disable MIDI clock)
  • New Preferences for the LTC output (Output device, latency, channels, frame rate)
  • New Preferences for the MTC output (Output device, offset, framerate, create virtual output)

Version 2.0.3

This release has implemented a legacy MIDI clock.

  • New MIDI interface for Windows
  • New MIDI interface for macOS
  • New Sending MIDI clock for the master deck automatically

Version 2.0.2

This release has implemented Linear Timecode.

  • New Added 2 separate LTC generators
  • New An option to select a sound card channel for each LTC generator
  • New Supporting audio devices up to 255 channels
  • New Using Core Audio on macOS
  • New Using Windows Audio Sessions on Windows

Version 2.0.1

This release has interactive color waveforms as displayed on the latest Pioneer CDJ's.

  • New Small progress waveforms for each deck
  • New A zoom-able master waveform at the bottom
  • New A color waveform
  • Improved A blue-white waveform

Version 2.0.0

This is the first release of ProDJLink with full connectivity to CDJ's, XDJ's and a DJM. It even supports both macOS and Windows operating systems. It is completely rebuild on the succes of the first version of ProDJLink.

  • New Support for Windows and macOS
  • New An implementation of Ableton Link
  • New Automated clocks with fallback sync for each deck
  • Improved A new user interface with metadata, a Beat Clock, player status and Retina support
  • Improved Option to activate the software by just entering a license key
  • Improved Implementation of the new protocol from Pioneer DJ
  • Improved An implementation to listen to the status of each deck
  • Improved An implementation to get the metadata from each deck

Version 1.0.0

This is the first version of ProDJLink that can be used to synchronize time and tempo.

  • Initial Support for macOS only
  • Initial SMPTE timecode via linear timecode (LTC) [25FPS format]
  • Initial Settings for LTC output
  • Initial Support for 3 decks simultaneously
  • Initial Track title and artist are displayed for each connected deck
  • Initial Track duration and progress is displayed for each connected deck
  • Initial Cover-art is displayed for each connected deck
  • Initial Precise beats per minute is displayed for each connected deck
  • Initial Playing and on-air state is displayed for each connected deck
  • Initial Phase meter is displayed for each connected deck
  • Initial Automatic master MIDI Beat Clock output
  • Initial Web API with current tracks and history