Ensure correct synchronization of all digital clocks

With ProDJLink you are able to use timecode for synchronizing your show. In our program we have two types of timecode, LTC (Linear TimeCode) and MTC (MIDI TimeCode). You could use timecode for example to synchronize your music to a video, to a timeline lightshow and more.

LTC (Linear timecode)

LTC is an audio signal that transports SMPTE timecode data.
In the settings menu you are able to setup the audio outputs for LTC and you can change the timecode FPS for LTC. If you want to use LTC you have to connect an audio cable from the computer running ProDJLink to the computer running the program that requires the LTC input.

MTC (MIDI timecode)

MTC is a series of MIDI messages that embeds the same information as SMPTE timecode. in settings > MIDI from ProDJLink you can select the timecode FPS for MTC you can select a MIDI interface or create a virtual MIDI device (virtual MIDI device is mac only).

Once you have done this, you can select the ProDJLink MIDI signal in the program that receives MTC.


there are different types of timecode you can choose from, ProDJLink supports the following types: