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How to connect ProDJLink to your DJ set

Setting up your Pioneer set with ProDJLink isn’t that hard. All you have to do is connect your Pioneer set to an ethernet switch or router with at least 6 ports for a four deck Pioneer set. Connect all the link connectors of the CDJ's and the DJM with an ethernet cable to your switch. When you have done this, connect your ProDJLink running computer with an Ethernet cable to the same switch. You can also connect wirelessly, but we dissuade this because of a higher latency in the connection.

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Power on your Pioneer set firstly before running ProDJLink on your computer. Now ProDJLink will connect to your Pioneer set and is ready for use.

In the preferences menu you can setup your DJ Link connection. If you are using multiple network cards ProDJLink will detect all cards available. Select the card the switch is connected to.

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Depending on the type of CDJ you are using you have to select a different network Identifier.
All players that are able to show color waveforms will perform better when the identifier is set higher than Link ID 1. You can choose between Link ID 2 and Link ID 5. This ID is used on the CDJ's to identify your network card. For older type of players the identifier has to be set at Link ID 1.

Furthermore there are some situations where a CDJ is selected as the master but is not on-air. ProDJLink can detect a master that is not on-air. If there is another player than the master actually playing on-air, ProDJLink can force this player as the master remotely. For this option you have to set the preference mixer master override to always on-air. If the mixer master override is set to disabled, the CDJ's master won't be affected by ProDJLink.