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With a MA lighting controller, you are able to use LTC (Linear TimeCode) and MTC (MIDI TimeCode) as an input to synchronize the console with the Pioneer set using ProDJLink.

LTC (Linear timecode)

To make this work, you need to connect the selected LTC output from the computer running ProDJLink to the LTC IN on the MA lighting controller. The input is located on the rear panel of the controller. Make sure your signal strength to the controller is always above 200 millivolts.

grandMA linear timecode input (ltc) Open fullscreen

MTC (MIDI timecode)

Another possibility for timecode is using MTC. in settings > MIDI from ProDJLink you can set the type of timecode and the MIDI output you want to use. connect the MIDI output from ProDJLink to the MIDI input from your MA lighting controller. the MIDI input is also located on the real panel of the controller.

grandMA MIDI timecode input (mtc) Open fullscreen